Rebecca MacKinnon- Vratimo nazad internet!

Rebecca MacKinnon, ugledna novinarka CNN-a i suosnivačica bloga Global Voices Online  na TED  talk-u govorila je o internetu i kakav je odnos vlade pojedinih država i velikih kompanija. Govori kako i u svijetu demokracije još uvijek ne nalazimo odgovore na neka pitanja, i kako bi nam internet mogao pomoći puno više ukoliko ga koristimo s uređenim pravilima. Nažalost, kaže, u svijetu i dalje postoje zemlje kao Kina i Rusija u kojemu su neke internetske stranice kao Facebook, Twitter i druge cenzurirane. Nismo ni svjesni koliko utječu informacije koje dobijemo putem interneta na nas, a pitanje je što mi smijemo ili ne smijemo raditi s dobivenim informacijama. Svijet je postao globalno selo i svi imamo sve informacije. Tako dobivamo veliku moć, koja bi trebala biti kontrolirana. Moć koju ne bi smjeli zlo upotrijebiti. “Internet bi trebao služit narodu da drže vladu odgovornom.” Rekla je Rebecca MacKinnonImage


Honey honey~~

Hello~ How have you been?

Today I’m gonna write just a few reasons why I LOVE HONEY 🙂

Now, we all know how honey is a good treatment for sore throats and coughs. Most people drink tea when they are sick, and put a little honey instead of sugar. Well, yes, it’s a good recipe for a quick healing factor. But before you put honey into your tea, you want to make sure that the tea is not very hot. The reason is because at high temperatures honey can lose it’s healing properties.   I personally love drinking tea all year round and I use honey instead of sugar all the time, not because I’m sick, but because I like the taste of honey 🙂


If you like the taste of honey, you can also use honey for your breakfast. Pancakes, toast and waffles goes perfectly with honey. You can also try other food you eat combine with honey and it’ll be great too 🙂 Don’t forget that honey consists of organic acids, amino acids, enzymes, pollen grains, essential oils, vitamins, and minerals (in smaller amounts) such as:  B1, B2, B5, B6, C, D, E, K and the minerals sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc, iodine, copper, chromium and selenium and other valuable ingredients! Sugars contained in honey are fructose, glucose,and sucrose. That’s why honey is perfect to start your day with as it’ll give you everything for your body needs to gain enough energy for your day! 🙂

honey 2 honeysalad

Simple tricks to help you lose weight with honey:Now , I’m a person who hates diets. Really, I love food, I love to eat and I don’t want to force my body with diets. Though, there are some healthy tips for losing weight such as eating healthy, exercise,… But how can honey help you with it? Simple. Use honey instead of sugar. Also, you can take one glass of water in the morning (half hour before your breakfast) and put one little spoon of honey and two little spoon of lemon juice into the water, blend it well and drink 🙂 Simple as that!

I know that a lot of people don’t like the taste of honey. But honey is MULTI-TALENTED 😛 If you really don’t like to eat honey, you can use honey in different way as well. Let me tell you how 😀

HAIR & HONEY LoveYou want to have light hair color but don’t want to damage your hair with bleaching or dying? Honey will help you 😉 because honey is natural lightener. What will lighten your hair is hydrogen peroxide found in honey and it’ll gradually lighten your hair. All you need to do is take a jar, put some honey in it, mix it with olive oil or regular conditioner that you use. Let it sit for at least 15 min and than apply it to your hair. You want to secure it with a plastic bag and towel. Keep it on your head for at least 45 min and then you can wash it off, like you would normally wash your hair. I’m actually in the process with my hair and I can see results! It’ll take some time but you will eventually get lighter and lighter hair as you continue doing the same thing. I do it every time before washing my hair, witch is like every 2-3 day.

Now, hair love honey too. If you have no intention to lighten your hair that you can use honey just for your hair mask once a week/month. Honey will turn your hair shiny and soft. Trust me you won’t regret using honey on your hair 😉 Watch more on andreaschoice!


Your skin adores honey because it nourishes dry and dehydrated skin. Honey also removes impurities in the skin and helps in removing wrinkles. It give your skin perfect beauty treatment! If you click here you can get some simple honey face masks.


I hope you enjoyed the post  and found it useful 🙂 Until next time, take care and LOVE HONEY ❤

Pooh Eating Honey

Your Sunshine~

Sweet cupcake nail art


I came up with a new nail design. It’s a very simple and quick to do. Image


The colors I used are white, baby pink, yellow, black and red.
If you like cute & sweet stuff, this nail art is prefect for you! Try to make your sweet cupcake nails and hope to talk to you soon!

Image Image


Little trip to Montenegro


Since we are meeting for the first time I have a short story to tell you 🙂 Ready? It’s about summer in Montenegro. It was a short but very nice travel. My friends and I had a great time there! The road was quite long and tiring but it was worth it.


Driving to the south. With the sun beating down yes I’m on my way

We stayed in a very comfortable four-star hotel with a long beach at the back. We got gold bracelets for free food and drink. We enjoyed the drinks and the food was tasty as well. Most of the time we spent on Kate beach”. The sand was clean and soft, and as the wind blew the waves were huge, so it was really funny! ImageImage

We experienced a lot during this trip. We really had fun! Swam in the pool, shooting nice pics, visited a nearby town, meet new people All in all, it was a very interesting and fun trip, with plenty of art photos to remember! 😛

Well, for the first time I hope you enjoyed this little post 🙂 Check the next one very soon! 😉

See you around!